What does my dream mean?

I just woke up and i had weird dream.
A few years ago there was this girl i had a crush on and i never made a move on her.

Well apparently in my dream i was in a relationship with her. I was in some sort of beach resort with her. I walked outside of our hut and i saw her standing outside. I noticed her hair was wet and she was drying it with a towel. That towel also covered her body. i said: "did you just take a shower, i wish i woke up a bit sooner" and she lifted the entire towel and i could see.. everything. I smiled at her, and we started walking. Then we came across a boy drowning and me and professor Snape saved him. And no, i dont know why Snape was there.

Anyway this is the type of dream i've been having recently. Its not the first time im dreaming sexually about girls.

I do worry a lot about myself still being a virgin and never having had a girlfriend. Now that im 20 its pretty much hopeless in my opinion. Could those thoughts be related to the dreams?


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  • I can get a bit of information out of this.

    1. You obviously have the hots for this chick and dream of what could have been.
    2. You feel like you have missed your chance with her. (not waking up while she was taking a shower)
    3. You're a Harry Potter nerd.
    4. You like to see yourself as the hero rather than a villain.

    Saving the drowning boy means you feel you need to do something to impress the girl but the boy also represents you in a way as needing to be saved but you can't save yourself and you need a more experienced person to help you like this professor Snape.
    Just to hammer home how much of a nerd you are, I had to google professor snape to see who it was.

  • I will reverse back through your questions in the last paragraph. Yes the thoughts could be linked to the dream. I don't put an upper age limit on losing your virginity, I know it is very easy to say but don't overthink it, there is a 99% chance it will just happen some day.

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