Girls, Braxton hicks?

So I'm pregnant with my 2nd never did I experience Braxton hicks til Thursday early early morning after going to the bathroom. They are stronger but come randomly or when I move. yesterday they weren't so bad etc but later at night they got a bit worse to were I feel like I'm dying. I did a few different things to help it calm down a few worked but not so much. There getting unbearable but I'm not sure if it's Braxton hicks cuz it's under my lower abdomen but the pain aren't constant and they are more like cramps and my baby does move which makes me more uncomfortable and going to the bathroom.

No my water hasn't broke or anything like that.
I was in early labor.. baby is healthy but has cleft lip /palate but had him at 12:45 with just two pushes band no meds so it felt like taking a huge ass shit lol


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  • What exactly is yr question?

    I assume you're a first-time mom. If so, congratulations! <3
    (Once you've experienced actual labor, trust me, you'll know the difference ahah)

    The telltale signs of B-H contractions include...
    ... yr belly will be soft one minute, and then weirdly hard/firm the next minute -- sometimes even with a distorted shape (less round, more... pointed? Don't know exactly what to call it)
    ... the contractions are *UNPREDICTABLE*... and DON

    • [sry accidentally hit submit]

      ... DON'T increase in intensity. (Real labor contractions occur at regular intervals, usually lasting about half a minute to a minute, and they continually increase in intensity)

      As far as getting RID of the B-H contractions... that's mostly just a matter of sitting down, putting yr feet up, and drinking a bunch of water. Really, that's it. (:

      You should be trying to put yr feet up as much as possible anyway -- if you can avoid swelling, then, when you deliver, it's less likely that yr feet will grow or change in size as a result of the relaxin (the hormone that causes yr whole body to become more "elastic" so you can actually push the baby out).
      Esp if you have an extensive shoe collection... ahha... you may want to look into buying some support stockings, and trying to elevate yr legs as much as possible.

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    • he's got a feeding tube? poor beeb I'm happy he's healthy, my first was born at 36 weeks!

    • @layla1234 yes he has trouble eating 😞 I didn't see on ultrasound that he has cleft lip / palate til after he was born but his isn't more worse buts trying so hard to take a bottle and if that doesn't work then I'll have to breastfeed him but breastfeeding just feels weird I know its healthy but it just looks weird but if it will help my little one out then I'll do it it'll be my first time breastfeeding..

  • This would be a better question to ask on like a pregnancy forum or to call the hospital with since so few of us are mothers or have experienced pregnancy.

  • wait how far along are you? I've been having them since 16 weeks I'm 23 weeks now and feel them a bit more. honestly they're normal unless your water breaks, you're having pains to where you can't stand or walk through, you see blood with mucuc or just blood in general warrants the ER. I gave birth a hour after my SHOW. I almost birthed in the car. my contractions bwere very painful i was 40+1 day and they never got closer together even tho I was in so much pain they're suppose to be every 5 mins and getting closer. my whole labor they were 10,7,5 mins apart. they kept bouncing around finally after my show they picked up so much worse I couldn't breath through them I decided to go in.. I thought I'd be around 5cm dialted I was actually 9 and ready to push. they broke my water and one push my baby was here. that was my third. I'm on my forth now. follow your pain levels!!! I mean it has to be bad pains. that feel like pressure, cramping and stabbing. you won't be able to do anything while you're having one if its real labor.

    • It was real labor no idea it was lol