isn't it obvious that most people here have the same mentality, like everyday, the same questions... do you think this app is helping?

or you just get bored then you attend here...


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  • I've been on here for like 5-6 years and yea that's true and that's a plus to this whole site. You see the same thintgs popping up constantly so you learn from them and learn how to handle the same situations when they come up in your life. I feel like using this site for so many years has made me very intuitive when it comes to relationships and I know that I'm a very good partner because of it. It's also good because it shows you how the opposite sex thinks and after years of seeing wuestions and answers from women I actually understand women and I'm not just saying that. Unlike most guys I know exactly what women want and this site has been a mjor factor in getting me there.


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