I'm kind of bored with computers and smartphones now, are you?

I mean, it's been what, almost 10 years since the whole "computer 4G broadband social media facebook YouTube iphone android Instagram selfie whatsapp snapchat" thing has taken off and taken over our world, and our attention now.

Everyday, and I mean every day and hour and minutes, we are always just looking and facing a screen , and we are not INTERACTING with much else, not nearly as much as a screen anyway, and I am kind of starting to feel sick and really bored of it now.
I don't care how much fun you have on it, but its just feeling so monotonous to me now and I just dont want to be dealing with a screen so much anymore right now.

You feel me?


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  • yeah but I really enjoy researching so I find it hard to cut it down

  • It's all my generation cares about, well mostly.

    • I really do wonder if your generation is still capable of just simply talking and interacting with your friends for an hour or two with involving a phone. I mean I have feeling that kids these days are not as fun or have as much a sense of humour or more specifically, being witty on the spot and saying smart funny things that makes everyone laugh, coz you don't really use that skill anymore, you just type something on screen or laugh at an online joke or meme instead.

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    • and the other thing is people these days seems to be only obsess with showing others that they are cool, and appearing cool on their instagram and snapchat, and getting Likes, instead of, oh I don't know, being an actually likeable human by being smart and funny and kind and people that want to be around with?

  • Seriously in my nieces school, the kids talk to each other online, but not in school! They have their close friends, then outside of their own little group the kids don't even say hello to each other when they pass but then they go straight home and talk to those same people online. So fuckin weird.

    But yes, I agree. My kid isn't old enough yet, but I've already decided there will be screen free family time very often so that my kids will be used to actually interacting with us and spending time away from their screens. None of this shit I see some doing these days and family members, texting each other from the other room.


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