I reported this girl's Facebook?

It got deleted. I hope her account will be brought back, because I feel bad. Really, I feel bad because I didn't thought her profile would be deleted.
Like, my profile was reported and I thought it was her...
I don't want to tell her. She is really short tempered and she would get really angry. I just feel really bad...
Is she going to get her account back? Can she see who reported her? Yes, I know it's private, but you can find anything on the internet... Like cheats, hacks or just tips.
Please, I am really confused, help me!
What should I do?


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  • Yeah she can see and if she is someone really angry as u said YOU ARE FUCKED ! She can see who reported her or what did you say about her in your chats. I don't know but she can even see your IP adress and place where u living if she is pro.

    • yeah yeah really funny

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    • How do u know she is not pro? I had a girl friend who knew to hack facebook accounts. Well good luck just don't be late for your funeral.

    • No, she is not. I know that. Is there any easy ways to see who reported you?

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  • Why would you tell her? You're just asking for trouble. Don't say anything and forget about it, she'll be fine.


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  • Yea she's gonna find out and beat you up

    • yes sure 😂😂😂

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    • Don't know why you didn't see it then. I saw it when some girl I knew reported me over a dumb thing

    • Oh, but I don't think that she's going to see.
      Even if she saw... She would not beat me up lol 😂 she would just get sad and angry on me.