Question About Why Males and Females talk smack about an ex from YEARS ago?

Well I should probably start by saying my Fiancé and His Baby Mama were together for 6 years before they broke up when she cheated on him. I understand that a relationship like that can take a long time to heal from especially when a child is involved. Today the child they have together was to go to the moms house. I, basically the step mom, had to go with the mother to pick the daughter up from school because mom doesn't live in the same city so for the fathers reasoning she isn't on the school list to pick her up. The whole ride there this girl would not stop bad mouthing my fiancé. And almost on the daily my fiancé does the same about her. I'm getting stuck in the middle while trying to remain completely neutral. I don't smack talk either of them, I'm respectful and I keep my mouth shut. That being said, in the past I had a certain relationship that lasted 9 years but yet neither I never bring that up or trash talk any of my exes. Why is this done?


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  • They have a lot of resentment toward eachother and bad blood so yeah they both still haven't let go and forgiven the other.


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  • I don't care about my exes enough to talk trash. I just laugh at the bullet I dodged