Does Brendon Urie say goodnight peeps or pips? Or just goodnight?

Does he say goodnight peeps or pips? Or just goodnight?


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  • I don't know but I love him

  • God I hate him so much

    • mixed opinions here lol

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    • no I know what you mean he does seem to have a big ego, but don't all celebrities

    • No bet you can't name one member of a band like say... I don't know rush. A band who's drummer is considered by must to be #1 ever. A guitarist on Rolling Stones top 100. A bassist/ keyboardist/ singer who's considered one of the best bassist ever. Who wrote almsot no songs in a conventional 4/4 time signature and reinvented the alternative genre. They have collective written around half a dozen books and are know for their humbleness. When asked how he felt about his multiple #1 drummer awards Neil Peary replied with "I just hit things with sticks but I love that people like it"

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