How do I become fun to text?

I'm texting my best friend, who is a girl I've know for 2 years, and we've recently started hooking up. I just always want to be interesting and fun to text and snapchat, but we talk all day everyday and live 10 hrs apart until may. We see each other for about a week every month or two though. Anyways I just want her to have fun and be interested in texting haha


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  • Use stickers! Haha. Or play some games through text like 'I spy with my little eye' (google it if you don't know it), or if you're texting through fb messenger you could try 'find the m&m's or skittles game' lol where you put the m&m somewhere in your face or shirt or ear or where ever and you take a picture of yourself and send it to her and let her find the m&m by encircling it and sending the pic back to you. I think those are fun. Sometimes my friend camouflages the m&m so well and I couldn't find it lol. I think those little games are fun when texting. :)


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