What the hell is their problem?

so a few days ago I had a presentation and I was doing it, noticed (so did my group) that a lot of people were being so rude and were on their phones and whatever. This group who went before us (I notice two of them did it right infront of me) they were texting each other while I was talking. I felt that was very rude and I felt they making fun of me. I was respectful to them and they couldn't do the same? then another presentation went a few days ago I notice all these fucking people are paying attention and not on their phones. It pisses me off since this presentation wasn't amazing and all they did for an activity (we have to do an activity) they just did kahoot like the other group who fucking was texting during my talking, also we have to hand out handout for our chapter in our textbook instead of getting the handout I got my own handout from my group. I do think they put that there because why didn't I get a fucking handout? also my group members said none of them did it so wtf? So I am seriously insulted and pissed (due to the fact that they just being rude for no reason and both these groups didn't have fucking amazing presentations it was boring and they literally half ass with kahoot. So I'm wondering what is their problem? this is bugging me because I feel like me and my group don't deserve that and yet these people acting like that.


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  • It doesn't matter tbh, fuck school

    • I know but what the hell? I'm just tired of people being rude to me for no fucking reason and this is why I don't put up with people shit anymore.

    • Is this high school or university? I feel like high school seniors give very little fucks and will go on their phones given the opportunity (I do too unless the teacher doesn't let me or is saying something important or if I like the class).

    • university

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  • You need to have thicker skin and let it go. More than likely they texted through everyone elses. It's school, not everyone wants to be there or in a certain class. Also not everyone's going to be nice to you in life either so learn to live with it.


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