How to get my innocence back?

I've done a lot of drugs and had sex with a lot of people. I started having sex, drinking, smoking etc super young before high school even and I'm addicted to a lot of it. I feel like it destroyed my soul spiritually. I just want to feel like a moral person for once in my life but I'm a scumbag in reality. I've done a lot of bad things and just want that innocence I had when I was really young and it's making me feel empty I didn't really have any childhood.


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  • You are not a scumbag. You have made some poor choices, but your body and soul are not inferior to the rest of the world's. Remember that. If you need help overcoming addictions to alcohol, drugs, and smoking, there are counseling services and halfway houses and other support groups that can help. Your past does not define who you are for the rest of your life. You can always change if you truly want to. Some things that you can try to do in the mean time are 1) find a religion or spiritual faith that resonates with you, 2) volunteer helping kids who might be lost like you were to help them make better choices, 3) ween off of the meaningless sex.

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    • Dude don't come here asking for advice if you're gonna be a smartass about the advice given. "Rehab and AA failed me" ok but we can help here? If not go see a psychologist.

    • There are things called chakras and auras that are the human energy fields, and when they get blocked or damaged, then our bodies aren't able to perform as well as they should. I'm reading a book about a woman who has a phD. in physics and has later in life become a reiki therapist and she has personally been able to help patients with cancer tumors remove the tumors by balancing their energy fields and also has helped women who weren't able to get pregnant. I thought maybe this type of thing could somehow help you feel more pure, balanced and in-touch with yourself. In terms of relating to your issues, I won't lie to you, I haven't done the things you've done, so if that's what you mean, then no.

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  • Stop doing all those things that make you believe are evil. Aim to help people, stay clean, have a healthy lifestyle, and most of all, give it time. Once you're accustomed to this change and as time goes by you'll regain that innocence you crave.


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  • What kind of 25 year old man wants to be innocent? lmao Stop acting like a pussy we literally all feel like this at times.

  • You need to stop thinking about the past a love for the future.
    I say start giving back to your community and find a career that is based on helping others.