Did I leave for a good reason, or was it all my fault?

Turns out, I left PetSmart two days ago because I had my breaking point. I know when you work somewhere, you're not going to expect perfect. PetSmart was no where near perfect, and I was doing my best by smiling at customers and helping out situations. The managers were not professional at where I worked. I dealt with this one manager (Jen) who works in the mornings, and she had massive anger issues. She threw dog food on the floor whenever a customer needed help, and she was just PSYCHO! I tried to be on Jen's good side by "fake" smiling at her and telling her to have a good day whenever she would leave for the day. I ended up getting Jen written up a lot for yelling at me for no apparent reason.. Whenever I had a problem with Jen, I would talk to one of the managers about it. Nothing changed. Jen even yell at customers.

Two days ago, I had to open with Jen because a lot of people were quitting on us. I worked night shifts, and I was not thrilled in opening with her. A lot of people needed help, and I tried to help out customers. I had a few picky customers and I ended up getting Jen. Jen got to the point where she became rude towards me, and I was not dealing with it. As Jen was about to leave, I had to cash her out. She was waiting in my line and a coupon was NOT working. I called my other manager (Tracy). Tracy did not have the phone. Jen had it in her pocket, and she was like "LYNDSEY! CALL SOMETHING ELSE." While I was cashing out a customer. I looked at the customer, and she was freaked. I tried calling, and nothing was working. Then Jen drops 3 bags of dog food on the ground, and she stomps her way to the register huffing and puffing..

After she left, a service dog came in and the dog went in the grooming salon to get it's nails done. The service dog ended up getting touched by 3 DIFFERENT PEOPLE BEHIND THE GROOMING SALON. Nobody was suppose to be back there.. Only the groomers, and the owner saw that the dog was distracted. I did too. Tracy walks by, and I told the owner that I would go say something! The owner walked in the Grooming Salon, and Tracy walks in also. Tracy walks out, and she's like "Lyndsey! That is none of y
your business. You just caused a fight in the grooming salon." I looked at Tracy nuts, and I said "Do you really want somebody's life in bad hands? How about yours if you had a service dog?" Tracy tried telling me the dog did not get touched. I ignored her, and I told the dog owner to call corporate. Tracy was not around when I saw the dog get touched. After I confronted, Tracy was very rude to me. She lied. I thought about turning in my shirt, but I showedd signs I was done.


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  • Props to you for getting out of that environment.

    Personally, I know what it's like to work with hostile people, and your manager (Jen) sounds like someone who isn't suited for that role. I'm sure those others quitting had their reasons, and good ones that that, for leaving.
    No job is ever rainbows and sunshine, but thats not fair to be treated that way by management. So I think you did the right thing, leaving was the best choice for you. I feel sorry for anyone who has to work in an environment like that. The store you worked at sounds like it had a poor team, very lack of communication and no bond between any of the members. It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong, and don't place the blame on yourself.
    You did good. Don't overthink or make it your fault. You deserve to feel comfortable at work, safe and be in a better environment. Even if it's retail, don't let people treat you like that or take their anger out on you and everyone else.
    I hope you find a better job for you, with a better team and people too. :-)

  • You did the right thing by quitting. It's an entry level position, you can find a better working environment somewhere else. You do not need to deal with that.