Do you select whom you're nice to?

I do. It's pretty fun, and i'm not really nice to hot/pretty women, or people who look Arab, or grown men since they should be able to take burdens and know people don't have to be nice to them.


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  • no. generally polite to all people.

  • I do. I'm not nice to people who are racist, arrogant or people who are not nice to me either.

    • nothing wrong in being racist.

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    • I know that, there's no need to tell me.

    • well it is reality. but you're terse, i am in response. don't think because you're a girl or pretty that precludes you from that.

  • well umm I'm nice to people who are nice to me and even if they aren't nice, you should be able to be mature enough to not slap the shit out of them.


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