Help I'm becoming a complete a**hole how can I be nice and considerate again?

Okay so I used to be open minded and happy go lucky, nice to everyone. But lately I have been really mean and moody.

Today without thinking I ran into my mom then said when she got mad instead of sorry I said " chill the fuck out stupid bitch." I am so ashamed I even said that to my own mother.

I have no idea what is with the 360 in
Mood. Can stress cause someone to be a asshole.

I just want to be my cheery considerate self again.😟


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  • I dont think you can fully go back to where you were , just tone down the rudeness a bit, and control it , its not like you have to be nice all the time, same with the opposite, its just a phase yours came a bit later than normal i guess, but something must have happened to trigger that, further explanation would be better to understand how it happened.

    • I literally just was walking and ran into my mother while talking to someone. I have no idea what triggered me...

    • boyfriend drama? girl friends betrayal? job stress?

    • Probably job stress. I am always at work.

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  • Stress can definitely make someone an asshole.


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