How soon is to soon?

So just broke up with my ex bout 2 weeks ago and well we still talk and see each other.. Last night she came over and just wanted to cuddle and watch a movie. Anyhow im wanting to move on with this new girl im talking with but i do have concerns about how it will effect her. So how long should i wait or have i waited long enough please note she left me..


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  • What do you care how your ex would feel? Unless you have feelings for her, forget her and move on. If I may ask, what was the reason for the breakup?

    • Well of course i still care about her but we both understand there can't be a future due to her family and their cultural beliefs.. So even if we do care about each other after 2 years the hiding and sneaking around became to much for her

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    • Plus, you cannot be held back to someone you still care for. Maybe it's too soon to date again, because the new one sounds like a rebound. Give yourself some time to be single and enjoy it. However, don't hang onto your ex if you wanna get back into dating new people. You will be constantly be held back from doing things because of your ex. If you care for her, it's a sign that ya need to be together again; not break up.

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