Don't you think that most of the Asian guys look homosexual?

Just a few days later, I was speaking online with a vitamin boy who was his age around 26 years old.
I asked him a direct question after taking the permission to ask "Are you a gay or a straight ".
Well actually he didn't get shocked from my question because as he said a lot of foreign friends have been asking him the same question all the time even he is " totally straight ".
He asked me how can I tell if he was a gay.
Even if avoided to answer his his question -for some reason - I believe that most of the handsome Asian guys look as if they were gays.
They look very feminine and soft. I'm not trying to judge but this the was they look in my sight.


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What Girls Said 1

  • not sure if homo but way too feminine for sure, compared to the western beauty standards at least
    take this one for instance, dude looks like a girl👇 lol
    sometimes I can't even tell the difference between male and female, they're androgynous


What Guys Said 2

  • dude even tons of korean women are starting to think the men here are to girly looking so dont feel to bad

  • They do tend to be shorter (Japanese men are 5'7.5" on average) and have softer features. Still, it doesn't mean they "look" gay. Guys in 80s hair metal bands literally looked like girls and still got tons of pussy.