How many people want a refill in a new glass rather than it being taken from you to refill at a restaurant?

I find it to be quite aggravating if the server takes my glass while I am in the MIDDLE of eating to refill my glass so I have no drink and I could choke, seriously. Also, to not know if they are leaving me with watery drink and just refilling it without throwing the old out to me is just gross.

I, in my opinion if I were a server, would always give a new glass even iced tea even would not pour into the old drink or *EVER* take someone's drink. Even if they aren't eating, I wouldn't take their drink from them.

I have had times where it took 2-5 MINUTES to get the refill or refills at our table. Meanwhile I can't eat my food, because I need something to drink with it so I won't choke.

I just seriously hate I even have to tell the server "Could I get a new glass?" To me, it's common sense in my eyes not have even have to ask such a ridiculous thing.

I did find out at a restaurant that is a chain in this area called "Cheesecake Factory" the manager is telling the server not to give new glasses. I feel that's terrible in that the restaurant should just buy more glasses and have them to clean when it's not as busy of a time. At least the manager did tell me that I can ask the server for what I want. I think it's quite ridiculous that managers are making customers PURPOSELY get crappy service to mandate this so they don't have as many dishes to clean or run out of clean dishes, because they are too cheap ass to buy more new ones.

So basically am I the ONLY person that is completely annoyed when a server takes your glass while you are eating or just got served your food?


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  • Wait... Refilling your glass without throwing out the old that YOU drank from is gross? Yeah that definitely makes sense 😂

    • It does, because who wants old watery drink when they can have a fresh one IDIOT?

    • I actually practice good dental hygiene, so I don't feel like drinking from something i already drank from is gross

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  • Is this really that big of a deal? You really had to come on here and ask that? Really?

    • WOW, you are MEAN!

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    • K. Well, you sound like an idiot either way. I mean, you IMMEDIATELY attacked the guy under me. He was joking, but I can't expect someone your age to take a joke. Especially when you're writing in all caps the entire time expecting someone to take you seriously.

    • He wasn't joking.