Any advice on how to not be so sensitive?

I get "butt hurt" easily and take things personally all the time. In the end, it causes me to really stress out and feel terrible about myself. I wish I was more cool and collected in general. Any advice? How do you keep your calm and not be super sensitive overall?


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  • remind yourself that they're no better than you. Their opinions are meaningless & they don't know your situation. take into consideration their age, their maturity level, their social standing, all could play factors in why their opinions differ from yours. then also keep in mind that people will say hurtful things outta jealousy. I don't get sensitive bc I could care less what people think. the only people who can really butt hurt me is people that I'm close to, that know me, that see me for who I am and THEN give an honest opinion. only then will I be hurt bc then and only then they might actually be speaking truth

    • Thank you so much! You really broke it down so well. People will say things like "just don't care about others" but it's really not that simple. Thanks for explaining :)

    • thanks MHO 👍

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  • Step 1- stop giving a fuck
    Step 2- don't get butthurt
    Step 3- repeat

  • Confidence. You're most likely shy, and insecure


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