My boyfriend has a drinking problem?

He's almost 24. He can go days without drinking, he can go days where he drinks until he blacks out drunk. He would either go out until laaaate hours with his buddies and getting drunk or high. Or he will just drink at home by himself like tonight (we dont live together).

He's been to AA many many times. He always says it never works.

He admits he can get depressed too.

He is on medication (usually dont like taking them tho).

His adoptive mom is a heavy drinker as well and she is basically his only family right now. They live together. One thing he knows about his biological parents is that his dad was an alcoholic and I know its a heretitary gene.

What can I do for him? This is the third time this week he called me drunk or in the process of drinking.


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  • I'd leave him. You can't help him unless he wants change, and he sounds very unmotivated.

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