Are your genes undefeated in terms of how you age?

My dad, grandfather, and myself all looked identical at my age. We all had a young look in HS senior pics and we're skinny but relatively tall (6'1). Also my beard came in the exact sane age as theirs. Then we stopped growing and filled out in the shoulder and chest area. Then at my current age at 22 we all developed horizontal lines on our forhead. Mine are very noticeable and when my dad noticed them he said ", yep you have my genes of aging not your moms or sisters your going to be starting to gray at 27 like myself." Now I am very worried about it. I have noticed these lines forever but but when my dad noticed them I realized they may be obvious to others.


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  • I'm a Black girl. When I'll age, I probably be 70-80 πŸ˜‰

    • look aged already... 😈

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    • I said i own being an asshole... so it doesn't affect me when im called that... thats like telling me my name is Diesel... lol... duh.

    • And I said I wasn't REALLY talking to you. A part being an asshole, I think you are deaf

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  • Hell yeah! I'm 36 but people think that I'm in my 20's all the time. My two younger sisters get the same thing.

    My parents are in their late 50's but people think that they're in their early 40's.


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  • My genes are weird. Pieced together from both mom n pop. but there is a constant factor... having girls first seems to be a thing in my family...
    Almost all my aunts n uncles had girls first. and according to science, someone gotta have the boys and that was the youngest in the fam... my uncle had 3 boys in a row.