Did I miss getting a cougar for ONS?

I've always dreamt of fucking a cougar. Yesterday I was leaning alone near the dance floor. Few cougar came in front of me, were dancing and looked at me. one of them was so hot. She came to me and asked what am I doing. I just said drinking. Then she leaned beside me and watching her friends dancing. After sometime they talked something and left.



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  • Why on earth didn't you ask her to dance or something? How obvious does she have to be!

    • What do you mean by obvious? I was shy and nervous to ask someone older than me?

    • Well she came right up to you, obviously she thought you were handsome; and she talked to you, so obviously she wanted a conversation - and who knows what that might lead to!

  • Sounds like it. Go back to the bar - she may be a regular.


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