Why would a guy change his facebook profile picture from his girlfriend to something else?

Break-up in the future?


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  • ? you're over thinking.

    • No I'm not saying it has anything to do with me. I think he's really going to break up with taht girl

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    • Initially I thought it probably wasn't going anywhere.

      But I later realized this guy is not really so far away from her personality. He is not as serious as I thought he was. He wants a girlfriend probably who he can have fun with and she is case in point.

      I thought a lot of these girls do grow up with time. As in, they become less 'instragmming 24/7' type of chicks and more serious about the guy they're dating

    • a lot dont. beelive me. they lose their social value around 30 with the same entitled, weak, immature/insecure minds and turn really grumpy.

      ego is a terrible thing for relationships sometimes.

      this is why you see a hot guy with an average chick and a hot chick with a sub average guy

      life is more important a trophy partner

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  • Just because he wants to. Stop lurking in the dark like a psycho and just look for a single man instead of projecting your pitiful hopes and dreams on things that aren't related.


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