What do you know about Origin computers?

I have an Alienware (which I only found the bad reviews for AFTER I bought it) but on Saturday I went to PAX Australia, and one of the stalls was showcasing the HTC Vive, so of course I had to have a go. It's amazing by the way, I want one. Issue is they're expensive as hell DX

Anyway, the stall was not only showcasing the headset, but also a computer brand by the name of Origin. They did this by having a desktop and laptop of the brand beside the que for the HTC, considering it's a two hour wait to get your turn.
The game they had running on the computer was Skyrim.

On XBox, the loading screen takes a minute or two. On PS3 about the same. On my Alienware, about a minute and a half.
On the Origin? Two seconds. We counted it, two seconds, on the LAPTOP.

According to one of the people standing in line with me, the laptop was probably cheaper than my Alienware, which pisses me right off.

So, what I want to know is, do you have any experience with Origin computers, and what are your thoughts? Is it worth saving up for one and selling the Alienware, or just sticking with what I've got?

I use my laptop for gaming and for art, including using programs such as Blender etc. So I need a laptop that can handle resource intensive programs, I've had my Alienware almost a year now, it is already beginning to fuck up and just four months in it was actually shutting down randomly, all on it's own. I have reset my laptop twice to combat a few issues, like slowness, programs not responding (when a week ago they worked perfectly), and other things.

So yeah, Origin vs Alienware?What do you know about Origin computers?


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  • Alienware is heavily overrated and especially overpriced. You pay for the brand.

    That Skyrim test doesn't say much... that the XBox loses is no surprise, and Origin vs Alienware... one probably had an SSD the other one didn't, and it can be influenced by a couple of things. You need to know the hardware, save points, cached data, etc.

    Now, what to buy... if it's for studies and work, then I'd buy neither. Better get a good business laptop. Something that's made to work with and getting carried around all the time. If you have a heavy laptop made out of cheap plastic which is meant as desktop replacement system, then you don't need to be surprised if moving it all the time quickly makes problems.

    Well, you talked about PAX and Skyrim... so I assume that you wanna play with them. I've always had a separate desktop computer for this because I hate gaming on notebooks, so I can't really recommend anything. But going only by the performance, then both brands probably have similar products. If you care about loading times, make sure they use an SSD. Today they all should have enough RAM anyway so that's no issue.

    For GPU, make sure they have at least a GTX 1060 built in. The new generation is almost as fast as their desktop counterparts. For gaming, you should have a regular CPU and not an ULV version.


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  • I'm currently on a Sager which is a rebranded Clevo laptop and it's a high end expensive gaming laptop, have not had any real problems with it. Is it perfect and for everybody that wants a gaming laptop? No.

    Origin also sells "rebranded" Clevo laptops.

    The main advantage with Clevo type of laptops are that they are modular and more upgradable than average laptops. You can change the CPU and the GPU, etc. in which is impossible for most other laptops.

    Though it's best to pick the best possible one that is compatible with a Clevo laptop from the get go when making a purchase. E. G. I remembered when the default GPU offered for my Clevo laptop was a nVidia GTX 960m, but the GTX 980m was offered, and that was the best offer available so I just went ahead with it despite running up the costs of the laptop to over two thousand bucks altogether.

    So again, it's the costs that should be factored, if you have the money to burn then go ahead, if you are looking for something more budge between $900 to about $1300 for a gaming laptop then you may want to reconsider.

    I had never owned an Alienware before.

    But let's put it this way, the bottom line really is this:

    What are your goals for a gaming laptop?

    Do you want the best possible hardware that will support and is compatible for the latest games? Such as including Virtua Reality support?

    If you are, then aim for a gaming laptop with a compatible VR-ready GPU such as nVidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU or above.

    As for the CPU, you want to aim for an Intel Core i7- 6700HQ processor or above

    8GB RAM of Memory should be the very minimum at least for a good gaming computer. Ideally 16GB of RAM for the memory is what you should aim for, or as close as possible, any more would help, but isn't necessary.

    I have 8GB of RAM right now, and my Clevo laptop supports up to 32GB of RAM, I could also upgrade it, but haven't had the time to get to it, and I might save the money for a whole new gaming laptop altogether.

    Lastly the Laptop should include at least one HDMI 1.3 Video Output.

    Also having "Solid State" type of Hard Drives can held significantly. Depending on how much data you plan to store, I would aim for at least 1 TB.

    My laptop supports a mSATA SSD drive and I notice it helps boot into Windows faster compared to regular SATA HDD type of hard drives.

    If Virtual Reality or the latest hardware support isn't your main goals, then you can go for lower requirements for a gaming laptop.

  • Neither origin or alienware, they're just overpriced pre-bult machines, it'd be better to build a gaming PC from scratch (or even modify a stock machine)

    I haven't even heard of origin PCs before


    • Laptops can't be pre-built and customized in the same way as desktop pcs.

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    • That doesn't sound good. So if I say intel 1150 and intel 1151 what comes to mind?

      My mistake, forget about bitlocker, how about VeraCrypt? bitlocker = drive encryption tool

    • the numbers? Nothing. Intel? The sticker on the bottom corner of my current laptop.

      VeraCrypt I haven't heard of either.

  • It's likely on a SSD, 2 seconds isn't major with a SSD and a high end card. A brand doesn't mean all that much besides Alienware, it's overpriced and overheats.

    I can show you two origin computers for example, one may not run farmville, one may run 3 games at once, each at 60+fps. Now I doubt any origin computer would struggle to play farmville, but computer specs are everything. You can buy pc parts and assemble your own for generally much cheaper than prebuilt.

    You factory restored your laptop twice? Or just turned it off and on? If you factory restore you'll likely fix any slowness.

    But skyrim loading in 2 seconds isn't exactly impressive.
    Especially if they used one with top specs and likely a solid state drive. They load game files quickly. I wouldn't recommend a laptop for gaming, restoring your laptop to factory and getting a desktop is much more ideal. If that laptop has ONLY a ssd, they have a high failure rate, good for games and loading an OS quickly, bad for storing any very important data. Back it up on a hdd or dropbox or something if thats the case.

    Anyway when you buy a computer you look at the PARTS (specs), not the brand name or how the outside looks. Desktops are much more cost effective. Laptops components aren't as powerful, because they're more compact and have to produce less heat in such a small case. They also cost more for what power you get. You also can't really replace many parts and ugprade. So my computer will probably be pretty good for years and I may need a video card in 3-5 years, I don't have to throw away my computer because it can't handle it. I buy one part and the other 2 something grand is kept.

    So yeah try wiping your laptop and see if you can still use it for school, get a cheaper and more powerful desktop for home.

  • Origin/Alienware , really doesn't matter.
    Sticking my neck out here , the reason why it only took 2 second for Origin to load , probably because it has a SSD versus HDD for other laptops.
    Personally I just go with MSI for comparable hardware with a much lower premium for the brand.

    • ^ this ssd.
      Alienware I've heard about tons of overheating problems and their hardware is very overpriced.

    • @posted
      Well , almost all notebooks are gonna start overheating and throttling under heavy loads. When it comes to desktops , it's always going to be cheaper if you custom build it. Easier to repair as well since there are less proprietary parts.

    • Haven't heard many complaints about other laptops, Alienware seems pretty bad for it. Laptops definitely aren't ideal for gaming or anything intensive, but they shouldn't be overheating so much on hard, flat surfaces.

  • Origin is yet another company that builds high end gaming laptops on chassis provided by Clevo. Other brands that do this include Sager, Eurocom and Schenker (I have a Eurocom and would recommend them to anyone over Alienware who are Dell, don't forget)

    • I have a Sager myself. I heard about Clevo for a long time and just wanted to get one and I haven't had any real problems with it as of now. They are all very pricey but being high-end gaming laptops, it's expected.

  • get one custom built at a boutique shop, that is how you get the best quality and the best price.

    How portable do you need it to be? there are some very portable desk tops with mini ITX boards that fit into tiny cases with handles for example, or do you need a laptop?

    • Portable to where i can take it wherever i go.
      Visiting friends places, sitting in the library etc.
      i need a laptop.

    • yeah ok, laptops are awesome anyway. If you want to shop around MSI and Asus make decent gaming laptops as well. You may also want to wait a couple months as we are in a transitional phase right now where old stock is being moved out to make room for the new GPU's out/coming out. Also be sure to get one with an SSD.

  • Research specifications and go compare prices of Origin and Alienware PCs whilst comparing them to similar PC builds on other websites.

  • Their OK but their overpriced. I'd check out Asus and Acer first, will be able to get a better deal. Also just can't go by brand, gotta go by model too, even the best of brands can have certain models that are junk.

    • You lost all credibility when you reccomended ACER.

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    • Then you have the single exception to the rule of ACERs being absolute garbage.
      Their computers suck, their tablets suck, they are cheap and they are trash.

    • yep I can confirm Acer being complete garbage, you must have gotten their only working PC haha
      My Asus laptop on the other hand is still running after 5 years without any signs of letting up, quality build...

  • I use Origin but my computer is not a Origin computer it's custom made best parts money can buy.

  • can't afford either, so take eiter. I heard Razer was pretty good too, but I've heard bad stuff about alienware, so I'd choose origin

  • I dont know the brand Origin but its likely your laptop has a slow hdd in it, which is pretty common. just replace it with an ssd problem solved.

    • Yes and no to this. As true as it is, most of the time replacing hardware on a laptop is difficult (aside from RAM) because it fucks up the image (recovery/installation) for the laptop. So unless you have the specific DVDs for the OS, you're going to screw yourself.

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    • @ProbablyTooMature Np we were all young once 😁

    • Yes you are, and that's irrelevant to the point.

  • Alienware all the way

  • The origin of computers is California, I think.


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  • Build your pc from scratch. It is seriously cheaper and will be more powerful. As well as that if anything goes wrong it's your machine so you know it inside and out.

    • I don't know how to build a computer though, and it needs to be portable, that's why I go for laptops.

    • Ah, then look around, dont limit yourself to name brands. Plenty of reputable companies that do custom built laptops where you can choose what goes in.

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