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I'm from Mumbai, India. I'm an aspiring Bollywood actress and I'm in my last year of college. So after that I am planning to maybe do an acting course or get a job as an assistant director. Mostly I'll become an assistant director first as I'll start earning a little money and will also make contacts too and then after a few months after I get settled with my new house and the new job, then I'll start with an acting course or theatre or workshop. Do you think the plan is good? The other thing is that I love New York and I have been there twice for holidays. I am thinking, shall I go for a year there and get a job as an assistant director or anything connected to films, just so I can have fun and live in New York and then next year come back to Mumbai and then start it here, as I'll be acting in Bollywood and not in Hollywood? Do you no any good production houses or something where I can get jobs in New York?


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  • Stay the hell away from the US. It's a death trap for nonwhites.

    • Hahaha I know cause of Hillary or Trump! But most people in New York are all about diversity and whoever I have spoken to have been nice.

    • Cops shoot nonwhites

  • a friend of mine is an assistant director in Mumbai. would you like me to put you in touch with him?

    • Yes, please can you? What's his name and age?

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