Girls- muffin top?

Why is it a thing so many complain about but don't do anything about.
If you've got one, why don't you buy a size up?


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  • If you have one, why don't you just do core work and stop eating junk food? It's easier and cheaper than new jeans :p

    • Some like their body size and shape, just have flab and are in the wrong size. Also unless somebody has zero body fat, I think the wrong size will always dig in and create muffin top. If it's too small, it's too small.

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    • Unless you're hard though, with no fat, it'll dig in if it's too small. Lots of girls don't want the hard stomach, and some are not even particularly unhealthy but have a softer stomach and if they wore something too small on their stomach it will dig in to them too.
      I know it's not hard from personal experience. Like I don't like a hard stomach, and have difficulty trying to not let it get hard because it happens too fast with me. Like I was doing physio, not even sit ups, more back exercise that was gently working my stomach too, and it got a little hard within a week. But yea, some don't want a harder stomach, it's normal.

    • I guess I don't understand why someone wouldn't want to put in the work to look the way they want.

      Like... I have always had a flat stomach. Even when I gain weight my stomach stays flat. I don't understand how it's that hard to do planks or sit ups to keep your stomach flat. I'd rather workout and keep my jeans than buy new ones. Seems like a giant waste of money. And opening the door to unhealthy practices and having to buy even larger jeans in the future.

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  • or go to the gym.

    • Some think they don't need to if they're slim. They dont get flab can be on any size.
      But yea, they like their body as it is, but don't like muffin tops, but still squeeze into the wrong size.

    • I would just never do that myself. I won't allow fat on my body.

  • Exactly! There are high waisted jeans and no one said that you can't pull em up or get a size bigger!

  • Lol ik