How will Trump keep the Muslims out?

He said a "temporary ban" on Muslims visiting America right...
But how can he truly regulate that?
How will he even know if they're Muslim if they dont tell?
Will he continue to let Muslim politicians and celebrities live and visit there?
Or are they not like the other Muslims?


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  • "but how can he truly regulate that?"

    He can't... which is one of the reasons why trump is retarded. Even in the Koran, i believe it says Muslims are allowed to lie about their faith if need be. it may be only if they fear for their lives though, I can't remember. But either way, the guy almost literally shoots from the hip when it comes to coming up with policy


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  • That's a good question! I also don't see how can he do that. Especially because there's probably a lot of Muslims citizens in the US.
    Sometimes, you can't tell what's their religion if you don't ask.
    I think he will allow Muslim politics and celebrities to live and visit the country, because they're rich just like him. And I think he has no problem with rich people.


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  • I guess my trip to New York is cancelled if he wins. 🙃

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