Should I tell my teacher I have social anxiety?

All my life I had this problem and I have to do a presentation next week. Already I have the chills about what will happen when I speak to the class. Should I remind my teacher?


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  • I believe that the wise decision is to tell your principle about this situation first before you seek to tell your teacher. Because now your other teachers will not be able to know that you have this problem. Plus they will want to make sure that you are indeed getting help by a school counselor or therapy outside of school. Overall you have to be able to overcome this problem, because its a whole other world once you get into college. And that depends on your classes and the teacher as well. So yes, make sure that you tell all the responsible parties involved. Either way, you have to face your fear and overcome.


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  • It's a good idea to tell your teacher and see if there's anything that could be done to accommodate it but it's more than likely you'll have to do the presentation anyway. I was diagnosed with anxiety and had to do all my school presentations, it did suck which is why I made sure I didn't pick any courses with oral presentations at university :P

    • You sure? There are requirement that you gotta pass in order to graduate which means ou will most likely have to talk such as English class. Be prepare for a shitload of oral presentations and reports 😩

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    • @TwinFace Nah, I'm from England. College for me was between 16 and 18 years old and even then, English was an option since I'd already studied it for 10 years. University is generally between 18 and 21 (it depends on the person and the course) and I only have to do subject relevant classes and English isn't relevant anymore.

    • I guess its only a requirement for college then. Never been to Uni so never knew about it.

  • In elementary school, I would have something similar to a panic attack whenever we had to do a presentation. I asked my teachers if I could do it in between classes in private, and they all agreed thankfully. They were 100x better when there weren't any other kids around.
    I think you have an "advantage" since you actually have anxiety (whereas I did not), so I would definitely tell your teacher about it.
    If she does make you do it anyway, just know that in a year or so, it won't matter and everyone will forget about it. It won't be the end of the world if you fumble over your words because everyone does that. If you could, practice presenting to someone and make sure you have what you're going to say planned.

  • I think you could try to tell her, but most generally the teacher will say that you need to "face" it


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