Confession post?

Um I will probably be doing a lot of anonymous confession posts because I have a lot I'd like to get out anonymously...

Well the first thing is...
I've been getting nudes from my brothers girlfriend by pretending to be him.
Well ex I guess

My brother had met this girl online
(over a dating site) and she basically fell in love with him
He forgot all about her, just left her there messaging him. so I was online, on his dating profile pretending to be him.
I added her on a fake Facebook page and asked for nudes
She was iffy about it until I said I'd break up with her , so she sent them

She's sends me pictures , videos , sexts,
And I send her nothing
All she wants is for me (pretending to be my brother) is to get online and talk to her

I know I'm a dick, but my brother forgot about her anyways


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  • @Autumn-Bunny is right you're pathetic get a girl on your own instead of pretending to be your brother.


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  • better confess to her and tell her the truth, if it was meant to be then she will come to you and if she was not meant to be yours then you are just fooling yourself

  • stop pulling a dick move and try to get her into your bed dunmbass. say something like message my brother or some crap get her talking dummy

  • naughty girl

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