My family judges me for who I am?

They say they don't like the way I talk or think and say my personality is low cause of it. I can't help who I am, and yes I am mentally slow or maybe not cause they always told me that. I never asked for money I always coped with the amount iv been given since I was 18 which was only $40 a month, but now I'm 25 I'm trying to get a job and complet my GED but its very hard for me they think anything I do is a waste of time but I love art I love drawing... its not like I'm a spoiled brat I don't ask for anything I don't have anything not even cloths... i never had friends or a boyfriend either cause they never allowed it... im so tired of there judgment they tell me I don't want to believe there words but why should I? It sounds toxic to me I don't want to see myself as a negative image, I want to feel strong and beautiful...


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  • I know exactly how you feel. I'm on the same boat.
    I spent years and years listening to my family saying I was dumb, stupid, that I couldn't do anything by myself.
    You listen to their words so many times, that it comes a point when you believe them.
    And that's when you don't believe in yourself anymore. They destroy your self-confidence.
    It takes a long time, until you overcome this. You'll need to be patient, wise and never lose hope.
    Whenever you're feeling down or every morning when you wake up, just look at yourself at the mirror and say:
    "I'm strong, I'm smart, I'm beautiful and I'm gonna make it!". Soon you'll start to believe in those words and you'll start changing the way you see yourself.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck!

    • These are great words and should be listened to but I also feel you must take action. Come up with a plan to get out of that house and set a deadline.

      A deadline in months not to exceed 6 months. Your life will change once you are out of that house but not before then. Trust me I speak from experience.

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    • You're English seems perfect so can you get work in other countries waiting tables? How is your French? Can you work in a hostel of neighboring countries or 🇨🇭?

      Do you speak Spanish? These are all good skills maybe not in Portugal 🇵🇹 but abroad. You can apply for student visas or youth working visas. Some countries allow you to workvand visit for a couple of years under a certain age.

      Don't walk yourself off. Believe in yourself and take action now. If you aren't currently set to leave in six months come up with a new plan. You sound smart and brave! This is the time to believe in yourself.

    • @sjoes006 Thank you. I took French classes at school when I was younger, but I forgot about many things. And I guess that what I know is not enough to keep a conversation.
      There are hostels here, but I've never applied to one, and I doubt someone would hire me. Since I'm not white. And then again, I can't go to Switzerland because of it.

      No, I don't speak Spanish, but I could learn it.
      "Some countries allow you to work and visit for a couple of years under a certain age. " - That sounds like a good idea, but I'm probably too old for it.

      Thank you again. :) I had so many hardships in my life ( and I still have a lot of them), so sometimes it's hard to have a positive outlook in life and even on myself.


  • Try a women's shelter, Salvation Army or even the police station, not to file a report but to see if they have nonprofits that might help you out. Also call a Catholic Church merely ask to speak to their homeless advocate. They help more than just the homeless.

    You need a GED to get a job but your situation is a trap that will never help you get one. They can put you in transitional housing and help you get your GED then a job. Best of luck.