What do republicans think of legal immigrants?

I just moved here (US) from a different country, and i still do not speak perfect English, and i have a feeling that i will be discriminated just because they will think i am an illegal just because i don't speak with their accent and fluency, or is that what the media wants me to believe? Who should i trust? Should i feel "safe"?

  • You are okay, as long as you pay your taxes, do not worry :)
  • You will be discriminated more than before
  • Sorry, but what's gonna happen is pretty bad for this generation immigrants people
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  • I've seen horrible videos online of immigrants being discriminated against, even though they're legal. Just be on guard trump has enabled people to do terrible things.

    • He hasn't done anything. People were always this racist, they are just showing it openly now, i don't agree with it but yeah.

    • @NeutralMale yeah that's true. The KKK is going to have a parade to celebrate Trump's win. Sad world we live in.

    • About the KKK situation, Trump has openly said he doesn't have any connections with the KKK, i think that the KKK are taking advantage of all of the racist Americans and trying to promote the Kkk in a way to make some progress for their own movement i guess.

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  • If you work and pay taxes you're good.


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  • Come on in. I fucking love immigrants. A lot of the time they come from bad places, they spend tens of thousands over the course of many years to get here, they work hard to learn our language so well and usually show up with some kind of skill to offer and a love for this country.

    No wonder their so much better than the illegals.

  • Unless you're Native American, you're the descendant of an immigrant. Very hypocritical to oppose legal immigration.

    • Sorry gonna barrow your opinion.

      We love legal immigrants in fact we encourage legal immigration, it's just illegal immigrants we don't like.

  • Let me give you a word of advice: don't believe a damn thing that the media tells you. Especially after last night.

  • i prefer white immigrants, pay taxes, christian, loves america.. if not then nope not really.

  • Legal immigrants are great more often than not.

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