Tomorrow morning my family is leaving for a weekend getaway to the smokey mountains until Sunday afternoon. This would be one of the last family vacations we would take just as a family without my girlfriend, as I am in college. My family are all pissed because said I might not go. I’ve been thinking staying home with my girlfriend. It would be the first time we would actually be alone. We would spend all day Saturday (most likely) and Sunday (definitely) together. Saturday we would just chill around and nap and sex. Sunday we would be going to church and I haven't missed a church service since we have been together. I have been getting very irritable around family lately and think I may just need some space from them. What do you think I should do?

  • Spend weekend with family
  • Stay home with girlfriend
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  • If you say you've been getting very irritable around your family lately, then I'm sure spending the weekend with your family somewhere that isn't home would make things better between you and family.


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