Why don't people seem to accept defeat now?

After the election all you seem to hear about is people wanting to go overseas or they aren't going to accept the result.

Why don't people stop whinging just because you didn't get something your way? You still live a good life and he might only be in for a few years.



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  • Because it is now dangerous for any person who isn't a rich straight white christian male in this country.

    • Why though?

    • Because KKK members are walking out in the open. People's cars and homes are being vandalized. People are being called words like n** and fag by their neighbors as they walk home. Muslim women are being assaulted and told to go kill themselves. Women constantly being bombarded by threats of sexual assault.

What Guys Said 1

  • Cause they're a bunch of pussies who never learned how to lose because everything was given to them... participation trophies an' shit😑

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