Changes with Donald trump as president?

What are going to be the main changes in the US with Donald trump s plan. Will Obama regret his actions, decisions trying to help the poor with the Obama care and other ways that made republicans vote for Donald trump. Was the Obama care one of the main dislikes against Obama


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  • a LOT of his statements that worry others
    were meant to motivate & highlight
    never practical to fully operate
    having the back some Rep. platforms publically that he will most likely downgrade to state preferences that are too silly to be national laws

    Remember, he has been Dem. ALL his life and now has the power to combine the best of both platforms and let the silly ones fall from national to state level laws/preferences.

    Who else has shown motivation to kill Ises and the fallout of copycat killers locally? He doesn't say "what does it matter?" about those issues.

    • He might need to have someone speak for him he says everything so mean, or interpret in a nice speech way

    • maybe we NEED someone meaner
      when being pushed around + murdered so much and "friends" spending all our tax $$$$ while savings theirs

    • Ok better for me and my family , the violence is the scary part

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  • he will get rid of the immigrants as if they r a big problem

    • no he won't. He want's to deport illegal immigrants with criminal records. He has been very clear about being pro immigration, so long as it's legal.

    • He won yesterday and there's already many comments videos of racism, riots, and angry people protesting against Donald trump. Hopefully all this doesn't turn into a complete nightmare it will cost more and will create separation of races from each other.

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  • Really hard to tell - All I heard was white noise about changing everything but no real specifics that seemed viable.

  • Orange is the new black.