Why are people, more so women, voting by the gender?

Gender shouldn't be a factor in who you choose at all. I would say it's sexist if you wanted to pick a president just because of their gender. We saw a lot of women doing that for the US election. I get that you want a to see a Female president but lets be honest, all politicians and presidents have the same agenda at heart no matter that they say. if you think a Female would be any different then that then you've really got another thing coming. You've seen how Female leaders across the world have been, they are the same as the male ones. Just look at Germany. I'm not saying Female presidents are bad, I'm just saying that if you think anything would change then you're dumb.


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  • I'd never vote for a woman. Females are less capable than men , they can't do anything better than men.

    • Your opinion, i think they are just as capable as men.

    • Transparent and amateur reverse psychology attempt. Points for trolling though.

    • Also points for setting up a straw man argument and appealing to emotion.

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  • What women don't realize is how damaging it is for people like Hillary Clinton to take the national stage and give a closing speech that tells girls, "You can do it, you are valuable, we haven't broken through the glass ceiling yet."

    I have a cousin that has a mood disorder. She's in special education. "You can do it" and "you are valuable" is the kind of stuff her parents tell her. The more they tell her, the more it highlights the fact that she's different, otherwise, why would they need to tell her these things? The more they tell her, the more she feels like something is wrong with her, and the angrier and more jealous she feels towards the other children.

    It's going to be 2017 soon. What LEGAL RIGHTS do women not have that are exclusive to men? What area of the law tells women that they are second class citizens?

    Now, that doesn't mean that women don't face unique issues and challenges - they do. At work, they feel as if men don't take them seriously. They feel specialized. They feel like not enough people appreciate them for their intellectual abilities (like they do men). They feel that it's all about, "Did you see how she looks, the fat chick, the blonde, the gorgeous one with the tight dress and big boobs." They feel like rape and sexual assault cases are not taken seriously by the police or the courts, or that there's an epidemic in the US where men receive secret memos in the mail or have private Facebook pages supporting and encouraging each other to rape or otherwise sexually violate women. They honestly feel that women earn less compared to men, given the same hours of work, educational and work experience, and quality of work. They feel like employers are afraid or anxious to hire women because they may get pregnant and take a long break or leave one day (as compared to men, who they can work to death).

    These are all legitimate concerns. However, women have to acknowledge that THANKFULLY, those are the concerns - nothing more serious and severe (like not having the same legal right and protections under the law, literally being a second class citizen).

    Rather than celebrate all the progress and work WITH MEN to promote positive systematic changes to address the other "social" issues facing women... some women (like Hillary) continue to utter this fiction that women are OPPRESSED and SEVERELY WRONGED BY MEN in the US

    • What effect does that have? It ISOLATES men. There is only so much coalition building feminists can muster through propaganda and attempting to publicly shame or guilt men into submission and joining a feminist alliance that's simply inconsistent with or a hyperbole of what's really going on in the world. That's a failed coalition building attempt, and that's what this election showed us. When Clinton says things like that to girls (and boys and men), it doesn't help anyone - it does more harm than good. It polarizes men and women further against each other, further perpetuating the problem and removing any room for positive change. Female political and business figures need a positive (not negative) message for women and society. They need to concede or win without mentioning gender at all, if their whole mantra is "equality." That's why Clinton didn't do so well with men - she made gender an issue where it didn't have to be.

    • Very good, thanks for this. I agree with you.

  • Because of feminism.

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