Should I gain weight?

So, my friends are like "You don't eat anything. Are you full just with that soup? You are so small. You look so weak. Guys don't like weak and petite girls". And I'm fed up with it.

I'm m short and weigh around 110 Ibs. You can see my spine if I stand up straight. But that doesn't bother me.
I have a small butt but it's round and I think it's cute. And I have decent boobs. They are definitely not small but not like Kardashian's either.

Ok, I admit I look a bit weak. But it's just... I try hard but can't get any stronger. Do guys really not like us? Is it true?

Also, should I gain weight?

  • You suck. Guys don't like weak. Gain weight.
  • They might be rude but are right. Gain some weight.
  • Don't listen to them. You are perfectly fine.
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  • Its not their body, its yours! Do what YOU want!


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  • It is imperative that you keep your body at a healthy weight. Too little muscle or too little fat can bring upon long term difficulties and detriments.

    Eat mainly carbohydrates and proteins to add some stability to your body. It would be dangerous if you were too small or too weak, do something about this now before it becomes a problem.

    And, I'm not gonna be all vanilla and Disney-like and tell you to remain 'perfect' the way you are, because you need the honesty and truth. What's the point of sugar coated bullshit if it's gonna harm you physically but make you happy in a short term manner?

    Eat, sleep and exercise


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