Which platform do you stick to on PC for playing Games Online? Steam/Microsoft Store/other?

There are numerous advantages to each, i dont want to have all of them. Which do you think it is best to use? why?


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  • Pirate Bay?

    • i need a new tor**** site because pirate bay is down. but i don't want to pay for online on a console. too expensive so i guess i have to buy on a platform on pc

    • That's true. 😒

  • Steam is the largest platform for games in the PC community. Microsoft store is pretty shitty to be honest.

    • perhaps but maybe there will be more advantages with being on microsoft. it is integrated with xbox for online games and i imagine gets exclusives but will grow better. not sure

    • After it's flop with quantum Break I highly doubt it. We'll have to wait and see.

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