Is it normal to have flashbacks of angry moments you've had in the past when you're angry in the present?

For some reason when my friends were provoking me I had flashbacks to all the other angry moments I've had in my past and how I never got that anger out. Is that normal? Could it be because I pented my anger up for nearly 4 years?

  • Yes, it's completely normal.
  • No, it isn't.
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  • That's quite right, yes. In my experience, every issue that people are struggling with in the moment has it's roots in 20 or so other traumas interwoven from past experiences. That's why you see people overreacting to seemingly trivial triggers.

    It might help you to watch and acknowledge your emotions and thoughts. Validate them, but don't buy into them in an absolute sense. Recognise their subjectivity, is what I usually finds helps me. Try and understand their root causes from past experiences.

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