Girls, if you have sex with a guy you're not attracted to (like prostitution), do you get any sexual pleasure?

  • Yes I do feel pleasure
    20% (2)
  • No it dont feel any pleasure
    30% (3)
  • Other
    0% (0)
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    50% (5)
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  • It probably depends on the women and the exact situation.
    With the right physical stimulation the body will react without "permission". It can be an involuntary reaction. Rape victims often feel extreme shame over this occurrence.
    On the other hand a women can also have little to no reaction. During the dying and death of a past dysfunctional relationship I would still get guilted into sex. I was angry, resentful, and generally disgusted by him (but to afraid to be alone at the time). Sex in that circumstance was more like an unpleasant job. You figure out how to get it over while disrupting your life the least. There was definitly no pleasure there.

    The few former prostitutes I have worked with treated sex more as the latter. It was a job, a way of making it to tomorrow. Of course this few instances can't speak for all working in the sex trade.


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