Why do women use the birth certificate as a weapon?

i have been reading some things on the internet saying the father has to prove to the mother that he is worthy to be on the birth cerificate i mean what the fuck some women even said that you should leave him of it just so he has no say in his childs life and so on.

so i ask why dose the father have to prove himself to be on his own childs birth certificate and have a say in his childs life but the mother does not why is that


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  • Why did those boys get involved with girls like that? They should have kept their penises to themselves.

    • i was just wondering really why do men have to prove themself to be on it but women do not

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    • Nope I'm not really in here enough to be a good random conversationalist

    • it is ok if you do not want to talk you can just say you do not want to lol but i was just thinking we could talk every so often

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  • Where are you seeing this? Sounds like trailer trash on Maury or something..

    • all over the place women leaving the father off the birth certifiacte unless he proves himself to her