What should I get?

  • VicTal MP3 MP4 Player with Micro SD Card Slot (16GB Micro SD Card included) Supporting Voice Audio Recorder, Videos Movie Player, Music Player, E-Book Reader, Photo Viewer
  • Goldenseller 16GB Mp3 Player Mp4 Player for a Micro SD Card Slot, Media Player, Music Player, Portable Videos Player, Voice Recording Player, With a support of MP3, JPEG, text files and WMA
  • HONGYU® X06, 80 Hours Continuous Playback 4gb Bluetooth Mp3 Music Player Multifunctional Mp3 with Bluetooth 4.0 (Micro Sd Card Supports to 64gb) (Bluetooth Player Green)
  • HONGYU® 2016 New Ultrathin Built-in Speaker MP3 MP4 Music Player with 16GB storage and 1.8 Inch Screen / FM / e-book / Voice recorder / Alarm clock / Calendar multifunctional Media Player (Gold)
  • AGPtEK M07 8GB MP3 Music Player With Speaker/FM Radio/Metal Body/Expandable Up To 128GB, Black
  • other please explain
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  • These all look like the type of MP3s that were available when I was ten...

    • Your point is what and u are only 2 years older

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    • Okay, so of 1,044 songs, I have used up 6.5 GBs of space. That's not taking into account any songs that take up less than 1,000 kbs of space individually (didn't want to deal with decimals).
      This is also not taking into account the songs in other folders (which may or may not contain duplicates, I am not going through them all to check)
      Also not counting any songs in video form.

      So, I'd go for the 16GB MP3 and just hope none of the folders are any larger than the unsorted folder.
      When you buy an MP3 the goal is really for it to last you a long time, and the style you are looking at, while appearing outdated, are typically pretty sturdy devices, and will hopefully last you over the years, over this time you will accumulate more songs, so will want more space.

      So, even if you currently take up a minimum of 5 GBs of space for your collection, I would still reccomend the 16GB or even 32GB if you can find and afford one.

    • I do reccomend the 8GB with expandable memory, however, that depends on the cost of the expansion. The initial price looks okay (according to a quick google search) but I'd personally be hesitant to add to that price with a memory expansion, considering in AUD a 128GB micro SD costs sixty bucks.

      The first option IS a lot cheaper and does also support Micro SD cards, so likely also allows for memory expansion if you were to pay for a larger SD card than the one provided.

      These are based on quick google searches that are relevent to my location, prices and availability will be different where you are.

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