My gf's boss is bullying her at work what should I do?

My gf's boss sometimes bullies my girlfriend which I really hate? What should I do? I'm tempted to pay him a visit but I know i might smack him and completely lose it.

What else can I do?

Should I just visit him?


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  • Have her talk to HR, unless he's the big boss, then you should have her look for other jobs.

    Pretending to be tough is childish, in hers in everyone else's eyes.

    • It's a small company , so nope. And we will get him back in some way if this continues.

    • You realise she will get fired? And worse she will get a shockingly bad referral to her next job instead of a merely ok one.

    • It's not a low paying job that she's thinking of leaving, and she has other references

  • In what way? Is he just a demanding boss, or does he go beyond that?

    • Personal stuff, puts her down, embarrasses her. Made her cry a couple of times.

    • Some people are just assholes who make themselves feel better by putting others down. If it is a small place with no way to go to another department, she might be better off looking for another job, it that is a reasonable option where you live. While I've had some mildly annoying bosses I've never had anyone too bad.

  • Yeah don't be a beta and act the like your girlfriend enforcer. It really is quite pathetic. Going down there will just get her fired and hate you.

    Sit your girlfriend down. Explain to her that in life you will come across people who will be shitty to you, but you to growth thick skin and endure it up to a point and if that point is cross stand up for yourself.