Is it in my best interest to give up on girls?

I'm 22 now, going to be done with college in May with a Bachelor's in ME. I've had a decent academic experience in college, but a less than stellar social one. I've met a couple of guys who I'll probably be extremely close with for the rest of my life, but outside of that nothing too great. Girls have been awful for the most part. I got extremely close with probably 5-10 of them in my four years and thought that each of them shared the same feelings I had for them. I ended up being dead wrong. But it wasn't just that, it was the way I was rejected. If I asked them to go out to lunch or whatever through text, I got ignored and never was spoken to again. If I asked them in person, they would either decline and look at me like I had 3 heads, or said yes and DIDN'T SHOW UP. Add another 10 or so from high school has well, and not to mention about 100 or so girls who I was just friendly with who are also just awful people in general. This has made me extremely angry and bitter with girls, and I've never had one girl show genuine interest in me and follow through on a date. My confidence with that is absolutely zero and there's no reason for it to change. I'm not a star athlete, but I'm in halfway decent shape and above average looking. I'm smart, love helping people, and for whatever reason that's never translated to being compatible with girls. And don't even get me started about girls bitching about the election results. My experiences with them have given me extremely dark thoughts at times as well. I will more than likely never have children because of it, and am really starting to feel that swearing it off and just focusing on my career and doing everything in my best interest to have a somewhat fulfilling life is all I can do. If need be, maybe I'll pay for sex or a girlfriend experience way down the road if I really need to. I don't think there's any way I'll ever feel motivated again to try to ask a girl on a date or try to get close to her.


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  • You could try being more social/free, like just saying whatever you think. then they'll be more comfortable with you and asking them out will be no pressure or more casual. A guy said that worked awesomely for him.

    • I do generally do that... when I asked girls out three different things happened, none of them good. I don't have problems asking people out, and I don't think the way I ask is very pressuring. It's always just to do something casual. The point is, I don't know if there's any reason for me to continue trying, and it's all but impossible to try to have the mindset/patience for it anymore. I have a fairly promising road ahead with other things, and hopefully that will prove to be fulfilling enough for me

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    • I still don't really understand what you're saying. Just in any social situation say what you think? Don't stay silent?

    • Yep, exactly that as long as you don't try to be offensive. Then you can get used to being relaxed, and if you get rejected it's not a big deal because you can just move onto the next girl easily.

  • Look I am turning 21 and never done really anything except hold hands. I have Aspergers so it makes it even more awkward to talk and communicate when i need to. I say focus on what you love. If you want to try dating again do it but don't give up on your life and just say fuck it. Focus on your career for now and I am sure you will find someone. Everyone has said that to me and I agree. Please don't do this to yourself. I feel like everyone deserves someone. If you have had bad times focus on your career for now and see how it goes.

    • I'm not giving up on my life, just deciding to do things differently from here on out. Clearly dating girls where I am is not working out and is negatively affecting me, so it only makes sense to stop. I agree about just focusing on my career and going from there, but I just don't trust girls anymore. The dude who commented had some ideas that I might consider, such as vacationing elsewhere when I have the money and seeing what happens just for the hell of it.

    • Trying to date*

    • yeah as I said i tend to confuse things and I don't exactly understand things because of my Aspbergers but what I was trying to say was basically focus on your career and go from there

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  • You're probably better off saying fuck it. With a BS in ME (Mechanical Engineering, I'm guessing?) you should, if you make good choices, be able to land a decent-paying job somewhere. And then you take vacation and go to the Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, Thailand, Eastern Europe, whatever. Get a temporary girlfriend for a week or two. Get your rocks off, come back to this cuntry and go back to your work and your hobbies. Otherwise, you're going to end up falling prey to a gold-digger that pretends to love you, says all the right things, wants to marry you and have kids, all that shit, but after she's popped out enough kids and been in the relationshit long enough to get the max payout, she'll frivorce you and royally fuck up your life. Kids probably won't even be yours, but you'll be stuck paying for them.

    At this point, with what you've said, you really have no reason to interact with women in this cuntry any longer (I'm guessing you're American, based on how you've said what you've said).

    • Yup, couldn't agree more