Why do fathers have to earn the right to be in the delivery room?

i am asking this as i find it unfair to men as why do women always say he has to earn a place in the delivery room but women do not have to earn child support i do not understant why women think men have to earn the right to be at their own childs birth or have any say in anything i mean a baby is made by both a man and a women, now don't get me wrong i agree if it will be a danger then yeah he can wait outside but i think he should not have to earn his place i think he should have a right to be in the room for the birth and not have it depent on the mothers feelings for him but if it is safe or not

so i ask you women on here what do men have to do so they have earned their place in the room and being put on the birth birth certificate plus letting him have a say in the childs name like letting the child have the fathers surname so how would they earn them right in your eyes

plus would you let an ex or one night stand have any of them rights

thank you for reading


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  • You go through the courts to get visitation. Many think visitation and child support are connected. They aren't. They are two totally unrelated issues. You can pay child support through the nose and not be allowed visitation. Get a lawyer and go to court

    • i was asking women what men have to do to earn them rights in there eyes like being in the delivery room or her putting you on the birth certificate and giving the baby you surname without having to go to court as she would be happy to do it even you are not together as you have earned it in her eyes

    • That's what I'm trying to tell you. It isn't up to her it's up to a judge. The courts can force her to let you in the delivery room and have you on the birth certificate

    • erm the judge cannot force her to let the father in the delivery the only thing they can force is the birth certificate but not the delivery room why do you think they can force being in the delivery room

  • The father has a right to be there. Regardless of how she feels. It might make him a better man in the long run.

  • I'm not gonna be in the delivery room.

    I guess I don't count.

    • why are you not going to be at your own childs birth

    • Childbirth is upsetting to me. I first saw it in 5th grade and I don't want to ever see it again. It's a personal thing dude.

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