Is this dangerous?

There was a roach in my wall socket. I unscrewed the cover to let it out and then I killed it. I put the cover back on but my grandpa told me to remove it. He then sprayed air freshener in the electrical socket in loo of real bug spray. Is this dangerous? Can this cause an electrical fire while I'm sleeping?


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  • air freshener might have caused a fire immediately; it evaporates rather quickly. Thus I don't think it will start a fire later. Bug spray is less volatile *might* be oil based, thus that remains a question.
    NEVER spray anything in a wall socket. If you can find the fuse which controls it, cut the current.

    • The current in my room is constantly going out. So the switch is already off and I'm using extension cords from the other room to power my stuff. If the power was on in here you think a fire could've started? And since it's off do you think I'll be safe?

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    • Okay thank you. That gives me some comfort for the night.

    • Oh ok lol well when you call him just tell him to take a look but I doubt you have to worry like I've done so many crazy things around electricity that I'm surprised I'm still alive that goes for fire as well lol so just stay calm I guess

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  • That wasn't smart of him to do that. Probably won't be an issue now unless you got sparks coming from the socket.

    • Well the power is off in my room so it should be alright. It just freaked me out how reckless he was being.

  • Uhh no lol it will dry lmao as long as it's dry you should be good but air freshener is highly flamable but it usually has to be sprayed on a flame to ignite lol I know this from personal experience lol I was a dangerous kid.

    • When you puss a plug in an outlet or pull the plug out, tiny sparks can be produced. It also happens in a wall switch. That's why in case of a gas leak the person who uses the switch starts the fireworks.

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    • But I wouldn't really just go in and clean the thing without other opinions no matter if the power is off lol but that was my other solution other then leaving it alone and keeping an eye on it

    • @jacquesvol well true, but I can't really say what to do since I don't know what's in it and the only reason I suggested wiping it away with a damped cloth was to get rid of any risidue, but honestly i would be scared to do that even with the power being shut off, I say just keep an eye on it and ask about it to a professional in pretty sure she can call an electrician and he will inform her

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