Hospital will not let father in the delivery room why?

i am asking this as this is really stressing me out as i was talking to the my midwife about the birth as she will be the one to delivery mine and my bf's baby but when i ask if my boyfriend can cut the cord as he is a very excited daddy to be and he wants to do everything a dad dose so he want to cut the cord which i find super sweet but the problem is the midwife said they do not allow males in the delivery room i was shooked at this as he is not just any male he is the father of the baby and my boyfriend so i do want him to be as involed as he wants to be in the birth so we can meet our baby as a family

so what do i do please help as i refuse to give birth without him there


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  • You refuse to give birth? So you are going to stay pregnant and carry the baby for years?

    I have never heard of a hospital refusing the baby's father in the delivery room, as long as it is a normal vaginal birth. For C-sections and complicated births, they often place restriction Ask the hospital, not the midwife.

    • i have but the hospital says one thing and the midwife says another i do not know who to belive or who is right

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    • Thank you for MHGuy. :-)

    • np you where the most helpful

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  • Something is very wrong with that. Ask to speak to the runner of the hospital. If they actually do not find a different hospital or home birth.
    That is ridiculous.
    It wasn't even an issue when I had my daughter. He came in, watched her come out, cut the cord, etc... I've never heard of father's not being allowed in the room.

    • i know i am stressing out over this i cannot sleep ugh

  • What kind of a fucking hospital are you going to? That isn't normal, nor is it right!

    • i agree i think it is the hospital policy or it may just be the midwife as she is old