Is this true love and does she hate me still?

About 4 to 5 years ago I had a dream about this girl she was wearing a pink long sleeve shirt and I was wearing a blue one and we saw each other and she smiled and said silently"he likes me" and then we put our arms around each other and walked off happily. The following morning the whole came true only I walked the opposite way because I was too nervous. Well I had said something to her "I don't care if we go out but I don't trust her boyfriend" he told her I was trying to break them up. She's hated me for about 5 years now. But about a week ago i saw her and she was acting friendly towards me.

Is it true love and does she hate me still or is she trying to tell me she's not mad or is she wanting to go out?


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  • eh sure if you are in love with the girl in your dreams.

    • I need a Psychic don't I?

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    • Well, I have gone crazy over past 4 to 5 years I really can't tell when I'm making sense or not.

    • well I let you know the mistake so your welcome.

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