Can someone on here, preferably someone who's knowledgeable about the Christian faith, especially conservatives, explain to me, the theology?

As a Jew, I don't really know much about the Christian faith since they don't teach it in the synagogues. Why should they, after all? I don't really attend services like I should, but even I did, I don't think they would ever delve in to new testament stuff which is what Christians go by, right? I'm an agnostic too, I just tend to identify as a Jew, even if that means I'm pro choice (both as a person, and as a reform Jew). Reform Jews are pro choice, look it up. That's why, if Bernie was the nominee, he most likely would not have won, unless he tried to convince people he's not Jewish, which is in case just a sell out.

Now, there's supposedly a prophecy in christian conservatism, evangelicals, essentially, that says that they need the Jews to return home, which right now, would of course be Israel. Palestine can't stand that Israel exists, and has been trying to get rid of it ever since it has existed, but that's a separate thing. Anyway. if we do return "home", it allows conservative Christians to have I guess is the end of days type thing where Christ comes back, and basically says "oh, you've been good so you're going to heaven", or "you've been bad, so you're going to hell". Now, Jews really don't much differ from Christians. The only MAJOR difference is that Christians revere Christ as their savior. Why? He turned on us. He was OUR savior, but, decided to "create" a new group, Christians.

So, if we do return and this happens, as the prophecy states, then, aren't they really just doing it for selfish reasons or do Christians really care about us?


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    • What, in the world, are you on about?

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  • In a nutshell. Jews don't believe Jesus is the Messiah and still live by the law. Christians believe Jesus is the son of God and died on the cross to forgive all mankind of their sins thereby abolishing the law. Christians also believe Jesus will return again and there will be judgment day and anyone not written in the book of life will be cast into the lake of fire. To be written in the book of life you have to believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is the son of God and that he died for our sins and was resurrected

    • So Christians believe Jews will go to hell?

    • That isn't up to us. I'm just telling you what the Bible says

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  • They're doing it because they believe, as you said, that it will fulfill part of the prophesy, thereby bring the "Day of Judgement" (DOJ) closer to fulfilment.

    After the DOJ, Christ is supposed to begin his reign on earth that will be like heaven on earth, and all the dead will rise up and be reunited with their families.

    Good times...

  • Christains do care about Isrial and not just for what ever prophecy your talking about. It sounds like you have a less than basic idea of Christ and Christianity. Christ came to fulfill the old prophecys and the law. Once he did that he changed the rules so to speak. He opened up your religion to everyone basically.
    If you want to know more about it all I suggest that you talk to a church pastor. He will be able to help you answer your questions. Also there are many different cults formed off of the christain faith which is where I think you got some of your information from.
    If you really want to learn then buy a bible or just download the free app for one and read the new testiment for yourself.

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