This whole Trump vs Clinton thing, is just a classic Bad Boy vs Nice Guy thing, no?

I mean, if you still don't understand how Trump got elected, just put the election in a context of a scenario of the classic Bad Boy vs Nice Guy, and the voters (as a whole) is the girl.

We all know that the bad boy causes all the atrocities and anger and tears and what not to the girl, and how everyone should condemn him and her family and friends is telling her how bad he will be for her, and how the nice guy is the right choice for her.

but then... what happens?

I think we all know how the story goes from there.


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  • Look at my profile picture and you will find out what I think of this question...


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  • No, it's a mommy vs daddy thing. Hillary is the mom, who's usually the one who is more nurturing and tells the kid how everything they do is so great and blah blah, but she doesn't really set rules or tells it how it is.
    Trump is the dad who doesn't give a shit and tells it how it is. He tells you what you did wrong and you grow thanks to that.


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  • People like you make me concerned for humanity...


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  • Strange theory but it does make a lot of sense

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