Girls, A couple of questions?

1:Do you think women have become greedy in bed? 2:Do you think white women are more willing to cheat on their white boyfriend/ husbands? 3:Are women prefer to be with other women then men? 4:Do white guys have a tougher time getting dates then any other race?
5:Do women prefer black guys over any other race?


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  • Sometimes. I think it doesn't matter the race of the women. I like men and women equally. Yes. Possibly but not sure.

    • What about you, do you think black men are better looking then whites?

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    • He cheated on me already and we have only been dating for a month

    • I am saying this last thing, then I am gone. Be a good women, before doing something dumb, dump your man, go and have your fun, in the end you know its the right thing to do. PS use birth control, and day after pill.

  • no to all