Is it a turn off to have a beauty mark like Marilyn Monroe But a little further in toward the lip because I have one and I am self conscious about it?


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  • Well, if you can afford to call it a "beauty mark" yourself, then I am sure, it's not something bad, and is indeed something that makes you beautiful.

    • I hate the word "mole" it sounds so gross

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    • Sort of like that

    • An easy way, is to post a how do I look question. You don't have to show your face, just the part in question, and you'll get an anonymous idea of what people think of it. Include a poll..

      Or, if you're on the shy side, find a pic on the web that is similar to what you have.

  • Beauty marks are never a turn off for us. You'll hate it much more than any guy will.


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