Would you let your ex in the delivery room or not?

just asking really as i am bored i was just wondering what you would do if you and the fathe broke up would you still let him be at appointments and scans plus in the delivery room and if not why?

and another question would you still put him on the birth certificate and give the child his surname and what type of access to the baby would you give him?

and i hear some women say he has to earn them things so what does he have to do to earn them?

thanks for any replys


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  • Delivery room depends on if he'll play a supportive role in the birthing process or not. Don't need extra stress at a time like that.

    Birth certificate, always put the fathers name. Don't know why some people don't. It's not for you to take away a child's right to know who their dad is. Even if you hate his guts and don't want to do that for him, I've never understood why some would do that to their child.

    • i agree so what would you think he would have to do to "earn" his place in the delivery room and if he cannot be in there would you still let him be at the hospital and see the baby after the birth

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    • If we could still get along, i would. It would be nice for the kid if the parents can be United even if they aren't together, and that's part of it.

      Last name? Ha no! Lol. Tbh, my baby has both of our names (double barreled) and I would probably do the same even if I hated him. Just for the fact it'll be nice for my kid to have both it's histories and families names down. Because really, even if I want to be, I'm not the only parent and the kid has 2 sides to it. If he's not bad enough for me to say leave and never be part of the kids life because he'll be bad for it, he'll never be bad enough for me to not put his name. My kid would probably like it too later on. That's only if he's not a shitty dad though, then the kid might be pissed lol

    • i agree but some women go on about if he won't marry you the baby should not get his name i mean how unfair is that it is like using the kid to make him marry you plus they go on about how they do not want a diffrent surname than the kid but it is ok to make the father have a diffrent surname how hypocritical

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  • I would let her in if I was pregnant


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  • A mother should never interfere when it comes to a man and his child... if man wants to be at the birth of his kid the mother should not deny him that.. nor should he be excluded from birth certificate either..

    Tho sayin that ask any woman who has had their man at their side when givin birth the men are flamin useless patronising aholes lol... I accidentally scartched mine on the hand and he had the cheek to moan about it while I pushing the kid out.. stopped and looked and told him to fuck off... then all men do this say oh your ok your doing well... and u tell them to shut the fuck up...

    Fk knows what it be like for an ex but men in a relationship don't cop to well at the birth

    • lol really as mine was great rubbing my back and helping me breath